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Statistics Consultation organises various events and programs for interested candidates pursuing doctoral program. These events are aimed to support students from a variety of research disciplines- engineering, management, sociology, medical sciences and others.


How to Design a Quantitative Purpose Statement

SC130717 United States, New York

Jul 13, 2017

3:40 P.M - 6:40 P.M


Developing a quantitative purpose statement has always been a cumbersome stage of dissertation preparation. Researchers often find qualitative purpose statement easier regarding language and variables. But when there is an urgency to develop quantitative purpose statement, they stand in a great dile

Research Synthesis: A Brief Guide

SC290717 United States, New York

Jul 29, 2017

2:40 P.M - 5:40 P.M


Statistics Consultation is going to organize a focus group discussion which will shed a critical limelight upon Research Synthesis process. Eminent professors from Stanford University and experts data analysts are invited to enlighten the novice PhD students. By the end of the focus group discussion

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