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How to Design a Quantitative Purpose Statement SC130717

United States,New York

Jul 13, 2017

3:40 P.M - 6:40 P.M


220-46 73rd Avenue, Bayside, NY, 11364

Developing a quantitative purpose statement has always been a cumbersome stage of dissertation preparation. Researchers often find qualitative purpose statement easier regarding language and variables. But when there is an urgency to develop quantitative purpose statement, they stand in a great dilemma. So what to do?

We here brought you the expertsí advice regarding how to design a quantitative purpose statement. At Statistics Consultation, you can get all the answers to your questions related to quantitative purpose development. The PhD experts will be organizing a discussion session for research students in which the principal components a quantitative purpose statement must have will be discussed.  Also, the strategies and the implementation will be talked over.

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