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Leading Statistics Consultation Service for Dissertation Completion

  • Full consultation for methodology and data analysis chapters starts at $ 1000
  • Team of 5 Statisticians, 6 Data Entry Operators and 3 Research Method experts
  • Over 1500 PhD Candidates consulted in US and Canada alone
  • Expertize in using SPSS, AMOS, STATA, EViews and SAS

Statistics Help Service for PhD Dissertation

Have you been finding the chapter 4 of your dissertation most daunting? Most graduate students face the same situation every time it comes to analyzing the data. At Statistics Consultation, we offer a comprehensive statistics consultation service for PhD/EdD/PSyd/DSW candidates. The statistical consultation service offers help with research methodology chapter, conducting statistical tests and consulting/clarifying doubts so that you can not only get over this section of your dissertation but also get confidence to face committee for questions on this section.

What does our service include?

Our service includes fixing up the research methodology chapter, completing data analysis chapter and consulting you over the same for a specified period of time. The aspects covered by the service are:

  • Formulation of research methods and creation of research design: Keeping in mind the purpose for research, we create a clear strategy, which will ensure the credibility of your research findings. We always follow the ethics of research design.
  • Sample size determination: We can follow probability as well as non-probability sampling. Selection and justification of data collection methods: Guidance for collection of both primary and secondary data is offered by our statisticians. Methods like participant observation, semi-structured interviews, group interviews and questionnaires can be followed for a dissertation.
  • Conduct accurate data analysis : Descriptive and inferential statistics tests, Parametric as well as non-parametric statistical tests are conducted by our team, depending upon the need of the project. We input and check the data before analyzing it. Examination of the relationships, differences and trends using statistical tools is a crucial task in research.
  • Interpretation of the tests as well as of the answers they yield: The results are presented in the prescribed format for the master's dissertation. We also explain the results to the scholars, answering all their queries.

While our consultants can help with almost any domain of research, we have recently completed consultation service for statistics in:

  • Medical Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Management
  • Finance and Banking
  • Engineering
  • Economics

The ambit of our expertise extends to qualitative and quantitative research, exploratory or descriptive analysis, and various types of tools like SPSS, STATA, Amos and SAS.Write in to us with details of your topic, research objectives and dependent and independent variables at for a quote of our service.

Our Team

Statistics Consultation is home to some of the most experienced statisticians who can offer expert help for your PhD Dissertation Statistics. Dr Lavonne Sisk leads the team and also interacts with the clients to understand their requirement. You can schedule a consultation with him or other statisticians by sending an inquiry through the website’s contact page.

Committed towards providing a helping hand with statistics to research scholars, Statistics Consultation employs five full-time and over twelve freelance statisticians. All the statisticians have rich research background (most of them being PhD holders) and can assist you with complex statistics and can use advanced software’s.

What we offer

Right from research design to development of conceptual framework and consulting PhD candidates on data analysis, we offer comprehensive range of consultation services for PhD dissertation statistics. Further, we render support to our statisticians by respective subject matter experts; ensuring that understanding the topic does not become a bottleneck in this consulting service. One-to-one dissertation statistics consultant can be made available for easy exchange of thoughts and continuous discussion throughout the project. In such cases, Skype calls and exchanging files (Through Google or Microsoft Drive) with comments becomes part of the process coupled with weekly progress reports.

Price List for Popular Services
SNO Service Details Price in US $
1 Data analysis using SPSS and Interpretation Report 600
2 Methodology consulting and Data Analysis 1000
3 Structured equation modelling using AMOS 1200
4 Methodology consulting, Data analysis, Chapter 4 as per APA 6ed. 1400
5 Regressions/Correlations with complete data analysis using STATA 1200
PhD Statistics Consultant
Benefits of using our Service
  • Customizable : Our services can be customized as we understand that a management PhD candidate will have significantly different requirements from that of a life sciences candidate. You can pick and choose the elements which you want to include in your service.
  • Comprehensive Approach : The ambit of our expertise extends to qualitative and quantitative research, exploratory or descriptive analysis, and structured equation modelling using software's like SPSS, E , AMOS, STATA and Matlab. Interpretation reports of the test outputs which forms the chapter four of a dissertation is formatted in APA or other applicable styles at no extra cost. Every Statistics Consultant for Dissertation associated with the service is experienced, as well as abreast with the latest statistical software and their versions needed for data analysis. We offer a 30 days free trial consultation, during which we answer all your queries pertaining to the data analysis process over email.
  • Prompt Response and Revisions : We usually reply back to emails within 4 business hours or at max the next business day. Revisions to the work are quickly done and get completed in 4-5 working days.