Analysis Using EViews

EViews, or Econometric Views, is the statistical package used for time series oriented econometric analysis. With an aim to provide the best assistance to scholars, policy makers, government agencies and academicians for econometrics analysis, we associate with economic
experts, who are also trained analysts and provide focused assistance
for the application of EViews.

Since statistical analysis is used for economic decision making, our statisticians act as perfect guides for doctoral candidates to help manage and analyse the data. Model simulation can be done and forecasts can be generated by using the EViews quickly and effectively.

Due to its all-inclusive nature, it can be used for the following tasks:

  • Estimation
  • Forecasting
  • Simulation
  • Graphics
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data management

How we help with EViews ?

We help students for the following:

  • Entering data in the panel work files of EViews for data analysis and interpreting the outcome
  • Specify the equations according to various criteria
  • Choose an estimation method which is to be used for analysis
  • Specify the sample used for estimation
  • Creating and working with different types of ARCH models

Our expert statisticians can be contacted for solving problems regarding econometric analysis, like cross section, panel data analysis and time series estimation. They help in the collection of relevant data, prepare the spread sheets and apply the related programs to form the best research model. Once the model is complete, the results are interpreted by the experts and presented in a logical manner. The experts make sure that the results are in proper relation with research topic.

Get in touch with our project managers to get EViews assistance.

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