Consultation on Sample Size determination

Selection of a sample size, large enough to be a representative of the population that you are studying, is difficult. The principles of probability and statistical analysis must be known if you are to select the perfect sample size. Your research committee will lay emphasis on selection of the correct sample size. We help you include a valid justification for your sample size in the methodology chapter.

We take into consideration a number of factors while performing sample size calculation on behalf of our clients:

  • Precision Level or Accuracy
  • Need for Data for Research
  • Level of Confidence
  • The Degree of Variability and Deviation

Our calculations also take into consideration whether the research needs small or large population. Thus, the approaches vary depending on the necessity of the study. Two types of sampling techniques are adopted by us:

  • Probability or Representative Sampling
  • Non-Probability or Judgmental Sampling

The method adopted for determining the sample size under both these techniques is complicated, and PhD statisticians associated with us are able to help scholars with precision.

Determination of sample size for any study is not as simple as using the formulae on any arbitrary figure that the researcher deems fit. Request for quote today through our contact us page.


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