Dissertation Methodology Help: What it includes?

The complex nature and wide span dissertation methodology make it impossible to learn the subject while working on one’s dissertation. Since the methodology section is an integral part of most research projects, dissertation methodology help offered via methodology consultation has emerged as one of the leading research support services. Dissertation Methodology Help is our flagship service and we offer this as a package to all doctoral candidates who are in dire need of consultation for their project’s research methodology help.

We have designed the service of methodology help keeping in mind the needs of scholars at doctoral level. Here is a list of the activities that we perform under the umbrella of this service:

  • Research Design
  • Research Methodology Consultation
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Sample Size Determination
  • Justification of the Sample Size
  • Identify and Justify Data Collection Methodology
  • Pilot Testing
  • Conducting Statistical Tests
  • Writing Interpretation Report
  • Editing and Formatting the Statistical Chapter as per APA
  • Consultation for solving doubts

The first step is to understand the methodology section and what research material to include in it. Dissertation methodology is a section of your research that elaborates upon the foundation of your work. It is a detailed explanation of your research; so that other researchers can understand what you aimed at achieving and what procedure did you use to attain the results. The purpose of writing a methodology section is to present your research work successfully. It should be presented in a way that someone else can refer to it and use it as a foundation for their research. Your research will work as a guide for researchers to develop similar methods to achieve favourable results. Now ask the following questions to understand what a methodology section should comprise of:

  • How did you carry out your research?
  • From where did you obtain the sources of information?
  • What methods did you employ to get the desired results?
  • Why, in particular, did you use those methods?
  • How did they help you to reach the exclusive outcome?
  • What analytical tools were deployed to examine your research hypothesis?
  • What data management techniques were used?
  • What were the instruments and techniques used to answer your research questions?
  • What are the previously discovered methods of your topic?
  • What type of analysis, quantitative or qualitative did you employ?
  • How did it help you to conduct your research and how can it be beneficiary to others.
  • What limitations did you encounter in your field of research?

A poor methodology reflects a poor incorporation of research questions and incomplete hypothesis.

That’s all about methodology. Now, what is our role in this?

Our Guarantee

Dissertation Methodology Help guarantees the following:

  • The correctness of the calculations performed in terms of the tests done, the answers derived, or even the process by which it has been done
  • Originality of the study in terms of non-plagiarized content and data; as well as any other sources used by us previously
  • Timeliness in terms of meeting the deadlines given by the client for completion of the entire work or even meeting interim deadlines in case the client wants the job in parts
  • Free 30 days of consulting post completion of work through email

Prices for this service (Dissertation Methodology Help with inclusions as listed above) start from $600. For a customized package, you can get in touch with our representatives. If you need consulting for research methodology help, then communicate with us through info@statisticsconsultation.com.


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