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Most of the Master’s candidates require guidance for statistics during their academics. The level of complexity that master’s candidates have to face regarding statistical tests is quite enhanced compared to what they have handled so far. Considering the projects that they have to work on, scholars hardly find time to learn the nuances of statistical tools and tests. Hence, there is a need for trustworthy guidance which we offer through our PhD thesis statistics help service.

How we help/ Process for Statistics Help

At Statistics Consultation, we have assisted numerous scholars with the help of our popular and reliable team of statisticians. Mentioned below is the standard process we follow for statistical assistance for Master’s candidates:

  • Defining the research problem- Here we determine the relation between variables, specify the dependent and independent variables and state the method for using independent variables. We also assess whether the methodology is in line with the research objectives.
  • Developing the Analysis plan: In this step, we find the missing data that can influence the research results and determine the sample size required.
  • Identify measurement issues: Here, we tell how the non-metric data is incorporated in the research and how models are created.
  • Evaluate underlying Assumptions: There can be metric and non-metric, dependent and independent variables in the study. These will be sorted out at this stage. We ensure that all assumptions on which the analysis is based are valid.
  • Conducting data analysis: This is the stage where tests are applied using SPSS or other software. The modules and tables are prepared as needed for complete and clear analysis.
  • Interpret the results: This is the last stage where we identify statistically significant predictor variables, as well as the contribution of variables to results. The results are explained and interpreted in an easy manner.

Our Strengths Expert Team: The expertise of our statisticians, coupled with access to a large number of books, web resources as well as software support like SPSS, AMOS, STATA, and E-Views has made us the leading thesis statistics consultation company in United States. The proof of our capacity is the fact that we have not declined any assignment of thesis statistics because of its difficulty or complexity.

Customized Service: The services we offer for thesis statistics can be customized. For instance, if you need only sample size determination or help with running descriptive tests, we can do the same by not charging for the entire service.

Wide Scope: The scope of our service includes all types of tests for data analysis, as well as a wide range of software. Also, we provide assistance with all the steps of statistical research.

To get further details regarding our thesis statistics help service and to discuss your specific problems, get in touch with our project managers.


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