Statistics Consultants

  • Our statistics consultants are brought on board after a thorough judgment of their statistical expertise, familiarity with various tools and academic background. Further we assess their ability to explain the solutions to scholars and finish complex analysis within short deadlines. When you reach our statisticians you can be sure of getting unhindered support for your dissertation and secrecy regarding your data. Team is led by Dr. Lavonne Sisk and he coordinates with clients. You can email him directly at
  • Dr. N S Gowda: MSc, PhD. Dr. Gowda is an expert in Structured Equation Modeling using AMOS. He has worked extensively on Data Mining, Modeling, and advanced statistics projects. He is also an expert on research methods selection and provides help with analysis on Weka software.
  • Dr. NagoiIshiwara S: MPhil, PhD. Biostatistician by profession. He has 25 years of experience in working on complex life sciences and biostatistics projects. He is an expert in Excel and SPSS.
  • Dr. Hugoshi L: PhD (Econometrics). Trainer for STATA, AMOS, and EViews. She has been instrumental in our STATA training programs run across many Universities.
  • K V Rao: MSc Statistics. An expert in EViews, SAS, and SPSS, Mr. Rao has a track record of completing the projects on time. He has handled over 40 PhD methodology consultation and data analysis projects in last 5–6 months.

You can contact us through email at or send us an inquiry to get started with the consultation. We will assign the most suitable expert statistician for your work.


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