SPSS & STATA – Effective Data Analysis Tools!

To reach a conclusion in a research program, a scholar has to go analyze and work with heavy sets of data. There are many data analysis tools, available at research centers, universities and colleges that help researchers during their task. SPSS and STATA are two among tens of others important data analysis tools. SPSS – … Continue reading “SPSS & STATA – Effective Data Analysis Tools!”

Common Mistakes in Data Analysis and how to avoid them

Data analysis may seem like a tough job but it has to be accomplished to perfection if you want to submit your PhD dissertation and get your degree. By conducting the right data analysis, you are much closer to getting the correct results and this will help you get better grades in your PhD Dissertation. … Continue reading “Common Mistakes in Data Analysis and how to avoid them”

How to improve at data analysis

Data analysis is the foundation of any research paper, dissertation or thesis. It formulates the base around which the thesis is created and therefore, it has to be strong otherwise the entire research can be non-valid. The results of data analysis have to be error-free if you want to get the right results and prove … Continue reading “How to improve at data analysis”

Descriptive Statistics – An Easy Way to Describe Your Data

When we talk about dispersion and measures of central tendency, we talk about descriptive statistics. These measures are termed as descriptive statistics simply because you may use them to describe your data. While it may be easy to collect your research data, describing it in a meaningful manner can be a challenging task for many … Continue reading “Descriptive Statistics – An Easy Way to Describe Your Data”

Is it wise to get external help for data analysis?

Data analysis is the foundation of your research. If you go wrong with collecting data and analysing it, you can end up missing the target in your dissertation. Statistics is a tough subject for those who come from a different background. If you have never worked on the software before, you might find it overwhelming … Continue reading “Is it wise to get external help for data analysis?”


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