How is data analysis done using E-Views?

E-Views is a statistical software package that is used by a number of researchers, government officials, corporations and students. The students use this tool to access a number of statistical and modeling tools by suing an easy to use and innovative interface. E-Views are designed with the help of the best and latest software technology … Continue reading “How is data analysis done using E-Views?”

How beneficial is using AMOS for data analysis?

AMOS can be defined as a module of SPSS that offers the user with a user interface in order to perform data analysis and structural equation modelling. In other words, AMOS can be described as statistical software based on windows and is used to perform various tasks related to data analysis. Using AMOS one can … Continue reading “How beneficial is using AMOS for data analysis?”

How much time does dissertation data analysis actually take?

During the entire process of research the data needs to be collected and analysed in order to get accurate results and findings. During the process of data analysis, the data collected is processed, so that the researcher can get result for carious questions. The main goal of dissertation data analysis is to develop a base … Continue reading “How much time does dissertation data analysis actually take?”

Which statistical testing tool is best for novice researchers?

The novice researchers can be sometimes overwhelmed by the research methods that are employed during the entire process. It is essential for the novice researcher to have a firm grip of the methods, results and conclusions. There is a growth in the number of research methods used and it is very important for the researcher … Continue reading “Which statistical testing tool is best for novice researchers?”

An insight into Dissertation Statistics Consulting

If you are a PhD candidate and doing your dissertation data analysis all by yourself, then think again. You might require professional Dissertation data analysis help of a statistician who would then guide you in the right direction and ensure the timely completion of your dissertation. Today, there is a huge population of firms which … Continue reading “An insight into Dissertation Statistics Consulting”


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