Ensure you don’t do these things in your PhD viva

The thought of the PhD VIVA does send shivers down our spine, however all PhD candidates have no choice but to face it up front. If you have some clue about what to do and what not to do it can surely help to ease up your fears so that rather than being a challenging … Continue reading “Ensure you don’t do these things in your PhD viva”

Effective writing ideas for a perfect research question

The job of a research question is to express accurately in words what you desire to learn and explore in a particular topic by the means of research, whether qualitative or quantitative. There is no thumb rule or perfect formula that exists for a research question. In fact, better said would be that the perfect … Continue reading “Effective writing ideas for a perfect research question”

What is the hardest part of doing a PhD?

You may find the title of the blog really hilarious if you are a research scholar who has experience bundles of hardships through the process. The entire PhD is hard then what is it to find out about the hardest part of doing a PhD. Well according to me as a PhD scholar, is that … Continue reading “What is the hardest part of doing a PhD?”

How Does a Dissertation Outline Help?

Firstly, let us understand what is a dissertation outlines so that if you are one of those who is writing a dissertation and does not have one yet, you wait no more and create it as the first thing after reading this blog. A dissertation outline is a list that is a summary of the … Continue reading “How Does a Dissertation Outline Help?”

The Need of SPSS for a Successful Dissertation

Most candidates of US who are in the process of completing a dissertation or master’s thesis presently or in future have a common question to ask that is whether it is necessary to learn SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) for the preparation of a successful dissertation project. At some point of time it is … Continue reading “The Need of SPSS for a Successful Dissertation”


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