Have You Thought About Travelling During You PhD?

Are you thinking of taking up travel assignments during your doctoral research? It could be of the likes of visiting a research group abroad for a few days, weeks or maybe even months. I think it is a superb idea!! It would not only make your PhD worthy but also open newer avenues for your … Continue reading “Have You Thought About Travelling During You PhD?”

Handling Feedback for Your Research Paper Effectively

Firstly, give a direct and composed response: It is not wise to respond to the reviewer feedback ASAP. Buy time and think over the best response after taking the advice and opinions of the experts so that what you write back is matching well with expectations of the reviewer now. Remember, you have to incorporate … Continue reading “Handling Feedback for Your Research Paper Effectively”

Why Motivation Is a Challenge When It Comes to a PhD Programme?

Often we have read and heard that completing a PhD can be one of the most difficult tasks of your life and keeping your motivating levels consistent throughout the programmes is often , nearly impossible. Here are some reasons I find apply for why there is lack of motivation in a PhD programme: 1. Research … Continue reading “Why Motivation Is a Challenge When It Comes to a PhD Programme?”

Procrastination: Solution Is Pomodoro Technique

We have grown up with this phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Have you heard of the advantages of a handful of tomatoes? PhD students often discover new heights of procrastination during the course. More than what they could every think they were capable of. A lot of us have this really … Continue reading “Procrastination: Solution Is Pomodoro Technique”

When It Clicks to You to Do Your PhD…

The idea to take up doctoral research comes in the minds of the some people suddenly and for others it lingers on for a while before actually getting executed. It needs a lot of brave decision making to shift from “thinking about doing” to “actually doing”. In the case of taking up a PhD programme, … Continue reading “When It Clicks to You to Do Your PhD…”


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