Vital Points to Keep in Mind When Writing/Editing Essays

Here are some key points to remember when you are writing and editing your dissertation essays:

Organisation: The most important thing to keep in mind is the proper organisation of your essay. You may not think it as important, but it is actually of much more significance. For the reader to interpret what you want him to, it is important to structure or plan out your essay in advance.

Jargons/Vocabulary: Using the correct vocabulary that suits the area of your subject is important to be placed correctly. It is important for you as a writer or editor to precisely know what they mean so that you can use them at relevant places in the essay.

Specifically academic language: Essay writing calls for the use of formal academic language, if you use casual and slangs, the reader will most likely not going to take you seriously. It is necessary to ensure that you stay away from humour, slang and abbreviations.

Proof and justification: An essay isn’t a place for giving opinions. It is all about facts and proofs that support those facts. Every statement that you make should be backed by evidence so that none of your claims go unsubstantiated. Repeated reading will let you confirm that you have given a proof for every statement that you have made.

Introduction and conclusion: different schools of thought have different opinions about how the introduction and the conclusion should be connected. However, keeping in mind different consideration, it never means that both these sub topics should be a mirror image of each other. When reading you document, ensure that both these sections shouldn’t replicate each other, if it so is the case then rethink on how you could modify it.

Proofreading: though there isn’t anything by the name of perfect writing, a lot of improvisation can be don’t by effective proofreading, removing punctuations, spelling mistakes. Enough time should be left exclusively for proofreading to bring your essay closer to that stage of perfectionism.

Reading as a homework: As much as you would have read before actually initiating writing, the better would be the quality of your work so read not just widely but with a critical perspective before you actually start an essay. It would also help you to come up with a good bibliography.

Do not oppose your own statement: that is one of the most irrational things to do, to oppose your own statement. When you give your opinion, no matter what, stick to it. Stay focused on your chosen view point, under all circumstances. Standing by your statements would make others stand by them.

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