5 Essential Terms to Know Before Carrying Out Data Analysis

Understanding the results or findings of a research is a vital part of knowing whether a research study provides a compelling case for changing practice. To understand research result, it is important to understand how studies are designed and how data are analysed. Before carrying out your data analysis it is important to know following … Continue reading “5 Essential Terms to Know Before Carrying Out Data Analysis”

Study Tips That Every PhD Scholar Should Know Of!

PhD isn’t as simple as a walk in the park. All scholars have their fair share of struggles and to get some productivity and constructive outcome from their journey. If you are an avid reader and are fortunate enough to have an inspiring and encouraging mentor then you would have some good advice to simplify … Continue reading “Study Tips That Every PhD Scholar Should Know Of!”

Caution: It’s your doctoral degree

In the process of achieving a PhD, you may face lot of difficulties and challenges. While some people may find problems with the literature and structuring part of the project others may struggle with the data assembling and analysis. In most cases, the former is a problem that can be easily tackled and resolved, but … Continue reading “Caution: It’s your doctoral degree”

Practice and Practice for Outstanding PhD VIVA

Other then all small little things that you have to take care of in your preparation for the VIVA, a lot of practice and practice is required all the time. Your VIVA is primarily concerned with the content of your PhD, but at the same time a lot of questions would be asked to you … Continue reading “Practice and Practice for Outstanding PhD VIVA”

How Data Analysis Matters

In the process of writing a research it is important for you to put in relevant and accurate data. You may wonder how and why the data is so important and do the evaluators actually go through the pain of cross checking, the answer is YES! They check and they know when you are bluffing. … Continue reading “How Data Analysis Matters”