Do Not Be Bogged down During Your PhD. It Is Rather Time to Be Happy!

More than once I have asked this to myself: What is my reason to do a PhD? What motivated me to get onto this never ending journey of challenges? All the doctoral scholars I have met, have asked themselves these questions. I have come to believe, this kind of apprehensive feeling is quite normal for … Continue reading “Do Not Be Bogged down During Your PhD. It Is Rather Time to Be Happy!”

How Do You Make a Book out of Your Dissertation?

During the course of my PhD itself I had decided that I wanted to publish my thesis as a book. But I was clueless about how to go ahead with this process. In the due course, I learnt the steps and process. You may find this blog helpful if you are a first timer wanting … Continue reading “How Do You Make a Book out of Your Dissertation?”

Have You Heard of Hypnosis in Qualitative Research?

For a long time, hypnosis has been called as a manipulative tool. In a lot of sciences, such as psychology primarily and medicine and forensic sciences, it has been found to be used. When we talk of this technique to be used to read the mind of a consumer for the purpose of selling him … Continue reading “Have You Heard of Hypnosis in Qualitative Research?”

Are You a New PhD Student?

So you are a new student enrolled in a PhD programme? Great!! I am sure you have been through a very strict and grilling screening process to be here and this would lead you to what we call as the pinnacle of academic success, a doctoral degree. Within you , at this time, there must … Continue reading “Are You a New PhD Student?”

Identifying Literature Gap

The foremost task is to find out a research area that is promising and looks like a worthy area of research. Your own interest in it is very important. Never forget that!! Cathy, in her attempt to quickly finalise the topic, chose a closed area of research , clinical psychology for a consumer behaviour research. … Continue reading “Identifying Literature Gap”


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