How to Remove ABD Status? – 3 steps which you should take now

The ABD status or the ‘All but dissertation’ status is something that forms part of your challenge if you are a student aspiring to get your doctorate and are in the process of starting a dissertation. This is a level at which you may have finished all the skeletal processes of completing your doctorate and may be left with just the dissertation project. Here are 3 major steps that help you in removing the ABD status for good.
Get the dissertation chair involved: The best way to make the ABD removal process a safe one is to make sure that the supervisors or the advisors for your project are kept in the loop. Having discussions with the supervisors ensures that you know what they expect and the steps you plan to take may comply with the demands or the requirements of the chair. This method also helps in keeping you exposed towards the chair and each step that you take may be noted with a positive attitude if the supervisors are involved right from the beginning.
Ask a statistician: If you are at the helm of your dissertation and need to create a statistical study to support your work, you will be required to make certain assumptions and along with that you will need solid proof to complement your assumptions and inferences. Though it may sound simple, the data analysis and statistics process is one that requires in-depth knowledge and expertise, the safest bet for you in such a situation is to get a statistician on board and get their help to create a statistical data analysis.

Hire a mentor: You may be provided with a mentor or supervisor who looks into the progress of your work, but they may or may not give you essential inputs to make your work better. On the other hand, if you hire a coach or a mentor who is a professional, he or she may not only be able to help you with your project but may also contribute as an editor in the course of the project.

Choosing the right methods and techniques of work may go a long way in providing you with relief in your dissertation project and the making of your statistical data analysis.

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