What It Takes to Make a Good Proposal and Dissertation Title?

The beginning of the proposal should emphasise on the problem statement that will be covered in the thesis and the foundation for it which is the background information that you have gathered and compiled for it. After that the next expected heading is the Literature Review. Remember that the proposal is made for a study which is proposed so it should be written in future tense where by whatever you state should be not generalised but very specifically pertaining to your research. The more focused you are the better it is and at the same time be realistic as in do not try to cover up a wide area of the topic. It is always better to go more deep on one specific problem rather than just scrap the surface of a wider area of study.

The proposal requires the researcher to also propose a good title to the research. The purpose of the title is to make the reader understand what is intended to be told in the study. The title should be so framed that gives some quick and early depth about the argument that has been placed in the study.

What are the features of a good dissertation title?

It should be original and strong: It is important that the title is strong indicating the conclusions about the subject. From the beginning of the research, the title itself should express the point that will be supported by the dissertation.

It should justify the discussion: One important trait of a good title is that it should provoke and ignite controversy creating substantive room for discussion. A good title that ignites room for discussion creates interest in the reader to read the entire document to understand how the point is supported.

Should only express one idea and that should be the main one: The paper or dissertation should revolve around one plot only and it should be expressed in the title. If it doesn’t happen then the reader loses patience while reading.

It has specificity: The dissertation topic should be like a woman’s skirt, long enough to cover the topic and short enough to arouse curiosity. It should necessarily address the important issue so should be sufficiently broad at the same time thoroughly focused on that plot.

Work on creating a link between your research and the existing research at the beginning stage…time to go!

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