Are You a New PhD Student?

So you are a new student enrolled in a PhD programme? Great!! I am sure you have been through a very strict and grilling screening process to be here and this would lead you to what we call as the pinnacle of academic success, a doctoral degree. Within you , at this time, there must … Continue reading “Are You a New PhD Student?”

Identifying Literature Gap

The foremost task is to find out a research area that is promising and looks like a worthy area of research. Your own interest in it is very important. Never forget that!! Cathy, in her attempt to quickly finalise the topic, chose a closed area of research , clinical psychology for a consumer behaviour research. … Continue reading “Identifying Literature Gap”

Effortless Writing Is Blissful Writing: Make It Your Way in Your PhD

The more effortless the writing, better the outcome. There are ways in which you can train yourself to become a less stressed writer and make effortless writing your way of working. 1. Dilute the pressure: A lot of veteran writers have been for ages have recommended sitting in front of the computer from morning 9 … Continue reading “Effortless Writing Is Blissful Writing: Make It Your Way in Your PhD”

Write an Abstract in 30 Minutes. Interesting, Is It?

You have finally zeroed on a conference you wish to attend. You have your document ready with you and you are confident that in no time your abstract would be there on you r word document. To become more confident you have googled and grabbed ideas on writing effective abstracts. Now with a bland word … Continue reading “Write an Abstract in 30 Minutes. Interesting, Is It?”

Know Yourself: The Key to Employability

For those who are pursuing or have completed their doctoral degree, I am sure research must be an integral and inseparable part of their lives. But how often have you introspected and questioned yourself about what exactly have you seeked from your PhD? These questions are provocative questions that would help you to figure out … Continue reading “Know Yourself: The Key to Employability”


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