Getting Started on Writing the Uniqueness of Your Doctoral Research

The discussion chapter of your doctoral research is what highlights the novelty of your research and proves the point where your research has bridged the gaps that exist in the literature that is existing. It isn’t easy to interpret the results of your analysis and put them across in a way that they are not just appealing to the readers but also are perceived in a way you want them to be perceived. Remember, you can’t be physically present for explanations and justifications to every reader once your thesis goes public.

One of the most conventional technique that is very helpful in finding the USP of your work is the draw and compare technique. Tabulate for your own understanding the similarities and differences in your work and the existing literature. Write them as points and then taking each identified pointer develop a short paragraph to bring out the new finding of your research.

Another technique that works well is the assumption technique. You have to assume that your results are a produced from a machine. You have to describe your approach and technique in a similar way that you would describe the parts, process, inputs and repair function related to the machine.

Elaborate on your null hypothesis. Writing the “no relationship “ status and its causes can become a strong motivator to work harder and come out with counter points to prove that there exists a relationship which is worth exploring and which is what you have proved in your doctoral research.

Speak out your ideas on a recorder or all the more better, to a friend. Talking is easier tobring out ideas as compared to straight writing for many people. Maybe you can send an email to self or a friend and discuss on a casual note. Whether you decide to speak or write, have a record and later weave your academic writing around your casually expressed thoughts.

Bring out the limitation of your work. When you talk about the limitations in detail, it is obvious for you to also identify the areas where there aren’t limitations which means your contributions and here you have newer understanding your work in the most unconventional of ideas.

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