Has Your PhD Been Eating up a Lot of Your Money?

I have been thinking about “money” for quite some time now. This is quite unlike my usual temperament but I have seen a lot of PhD students struggling for money related issues and the unsympathetic approach of the other member of the academic section of the university. Having understood the plight of many of the scholars and incorporating their suggestions and experiences, I would like to bring forward some ideas for better “mullah” management for PhD scholars:

• Spare out on luxuries: if your PhD is one of those times when you are off inflow of money because of the rigorous demands of your doctoral work, it would be ok to sacrifice over some of the luxuries for that temporary phase, particularly the ones that eat up money on maintenance like a luxury car. Anticipating the cost associated with living in luxury, balance out your inflow and outflow of cash.

• Work on the “pocket money” concept: All people who are financially savvy would advise you to work on a “pocket money “concept to ensure that your expenses are limited. Not keeping track of where and how much you spent won’t lead you anywhere.

• Get buy heaps of books, only because you are doing your PhD: the academic books are expensive and once you are into your PhD you are so into it that buying books is perhaps as addictive as cocaine. Refrain from buying those books that you won’t read or you can manage doing with them from the library. If you are not conscious with your books expenditure, I can assure you they will eat up all your money while you are doing PhD because the more you will buy the more you will need. Plan up and prioritize your book purchases in a way that it doesn’t pinch your pocket in a way that it starts to hurt.

You got some saving secrets or budget plans for PhD students, well it is important and we are all ears for it, bring it up please!

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