Can Writers Be Productive?

Jane was thorough with her statistical knowledge. She had worked on her research concepts before venturing into academic research. There was nothing that she lacked in terms of her skills to be a great researcher. But, it wasn’t working that ways. There was something that was needed to get the desired output from her efforts. … Continue reading “Can Writers Be Productive?”

Role of SPSS in Finding out the Missing Data

SPSS or statistical package for social science is a software wrap up used for statistical investigation and data analysis involved in all the research methodologies of the dissertation. SPSS has a wide role in the dissertation, it assists in finding missing data’s from the list of numbers, their acquisition and interpretation and at last analyzing … Continue reading “Role of SPSS in Finding out the Missing Data”

The Combination SPSS with R-Language Can Do Wonder

The R language is used to develop statistical software which has become very popular with statisticians and data miners. R-language is extensively used for advanced data analysis. It provides a broad array of statistical and graphical practices such as: • Classical statistical tests • Time-series analysis • Linear and nonlinear modeling • Classification • Clustering … Continue reading “The Combination SPSS with R-Language Can Do Wonder”

SPSS & STATA – Effective Data Analysis Tools!

To reach a conclusion in a research program, a scholar has to go analyze and work with heavy sets of data. There are many data analysis tools, available at research centers, universities and colleges that help researchers during their task. SPSS and STATA are two among tens of others important data analysis tools. SPSS – … Continue reading “SPSS & STATA – Effective Data Analysis Tools!”

Common Mistakes in Data Analysis and how to avoid them

Data analysis may seem like a tough job but it has to be accomplished to perfection if you want to submit your PhD dissertation and get your degree. By conducting the right data analysis, you are much closer to getting the correct results and this will help you get better grades in your PhD Dissertation. … Continue reading “Common Mistakes in Data Analysis and how to avoid them”


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