Have You Thought About Travelling During You PhD?

Are you thinking of taking up travel assignments during your doctoral research? It could be of the likes of visiting a research group abroad for a few days, weeks or maybe even months. I think it is a superb idea!! It would not only make your PhD worthy but also open newer avenues for your career in the future.

There are some very significant advantages of travelling during your doctoral research. They may not occur to you otherwise but do probe over them:

1. It is a source of great inspiration
2. It is the best means to learn many new things
3. A great way to expand your network and know people in your arena worldwide

If you so get convinced about the idea of travelling for research exposure, which I believe you should. There are three strategic decisions you need to make:

1. Defining the objective and duration of the visit: The foremost and obvious step is to first define your objective from the visit to another lab in another country. The objectives, you know, can be varying from only networking to perhaps even picking up another new method of analysis through practical exposure. Research scholars usually travel through collaborations and primarily the purpose of the visit decides duration of stay. Keeping in mind the different options that are available to you, make a pragmatic decision.

2. Deciding the destination of the visit: Here you research supervisor could come to great help. Most of the scholars consider options that are based on the networks build by their supervisors. This makes the task relatively easier and not only that, it also helps to identify a researcher in foreign land with experience and knowledge that would be relevant to your study and would help you to develop newer ideas that are in context to your doctoral study.

1. Arranging Funds: You wouldn’t be aware, but surely there would be more means to arrange funds for this purpose than you know of. Here again your supervisor who has far more experience with the system would come to your rescue. With the help of your peer, networks and supervisor, you must explore funding organisations, Universities and Societies that have “Travel Abroad” schemes for students and scholars. Sometimes universities in different countries have partnership programme or student exchange programmes that could be availed by you. With exceptionally good grades, you can even apply for National Grants.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and expand your horizons to have one of its kind PhD experience!!

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