Handling Feedback for Your Research Paper Effectively

Firstly, give a direct and composed response: It is not wise to respond to the reviewer feedback ASAP. Buy time and think over the best response after taking the advice and opinions of the experts so that what you write back is matching well with expectations of the reviewer now. Remember, you have to incorporate a detailed document at this stage that summarises the different changes suggested by the reviewer while you stick to the facts only.
Do not give up at the stage of “Revise and Resubmit”: There are surprising figures stating the number of people who give up at the stage when the reviewer says, “Revise and resubmit”. I Insist, that it is important to do so as it is often the last stage after having crossed all the hurdles. It is, trust me, quite absurd that the author goes through the rigorous process of writing the paper in the first place making it through the editors and finally giving up at the right stage. Always remember that failure is not losing, it is just stage when you decide to give up.
If you are confident, you may challenge the reviewers: In my opinion, it is perfect to challenge the suggestions given by the reviewer, provide you have a valid justification for the same. Editors do accept a rational justification in light of all the suggestions given by them being considered.
Have a timeline in your mind for your publication: Journals have different ranks and the time they take for the review process. Certain journals take more time than others. If you have a reason such as a job interview coming up or any other deadline for which you want your paper published sooner than do consider the time taken by journals for publication.
Keep reminding yourself that the finished article has been through a process: Publishing is challenging. The finished article is a proof that a lot has gone into it is making from the first stage onwards.
Do not look at the failures but keep trying and not give up. Publication in good journals is difficult but surely not impossible.

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