Understanding SPSS Variables: Format, Type and More

If you understand SPSS variable formats and types, it will help you in getting things done accurately and quickly. Learn the format and type of SPSS variables and get in control of your data. Ascertaining SPSS Variable Formats SPSS differentiates write and print formats. SPSS variable format comprises of two parts. The format family is … Continue reading “Understanding SPSS Variables: Format, Type and More”

Pilot Study: All Answers Are Here

These days most of the journals have the online submission system for manuscripts. This has certainly made it easier for the authors to send their papers for the review process. In all good journals, once you have submitted your paper, there is an online tracking system which allows authors to follow the progress of their … Continue reading “Pilot Study: All Answers Are Here”

Do not abandon your social life for your Ph.D.

It is a culture for Ph.D. scholars to move away from a social life during the course of the programme, at least at one time. With so many deadlines approaching and the pressure to perform at varied platforms, so many times in the tenure of the Ph.D.; often scholars live under the psychological pressure and … Continue reading “Do not abandon your social life for your Ph.D.”

Editing is inevitable for a Thesis. Why?

Editing remains indispensable for any kind of research document or report. If you are editing is perfect, and immaculate it surely helps you to stay ahead. When a report is edited well, it assists the reader to understand the content, and other information in a simple manner. Once a second set of eyes scan through … Continue reading “Editing is inevitable for a Thesis. Why?”

The skills of a Ph.D. that can help him flourish outside academia too!

If you are pursuing your Ph.D. or have already completed, believe it, the future is all yours. The only way that you may not climb upwards on the ladder of success or growth is that you don’t let yourself do that. Having a Ph.D. gives you the great advantage over other candidates in many of … Continue reading “The skills of a Ph.D. that can help him flourish outside academia too!”


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