How Does a Dissertation Outline Help?

Firstly, let us understand what is a dissertation outlines so that if you are one of those who is writing a dissertation and does not have one yet, you wait no more and create it as the first thing after reading this blog. A dissertation outline is a list that is a summary of the … Continue reading “How Does a Dissertation Outline Help?”

The Need of SPSS for a Successful Dissertation

Most candidates of US who are in the process of completing a dissertation or master’s thesis presently or in future have a common question to ask that is whether it is necessary to learn SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) for the preparation of a successful dissertation project. At some point of time it is … Continue reading “The Need of SPSS for a Successful Dissertation”

A lot of writing advice may be just futile for scholars. Why?

PhD students have a huge amount of writing advice available to them. There are large number of books, blogs and articles that are going around and increasing in numbers to extend advice to PhD writers so that they can handle it easily. However most of that advice is similar and does not come to much … Continue reading “A lot of writing advice may be just futile for scholars. Why?”

General tips for writing a good conclusion

A lot of scholars think that a conclusion is nothing but just a summary of the key points or the restatement of the thesis. This may not be the only objective of writing a conclusion. The main objective is to remind the reader that the evidence you have presented has contributed to the thesis. Conclusion … Continue reading “General tips for writing a good conclusion”

Think before you jump into a PhD

A lot of PhD students get lured into PhD programmes only because it appears to them as a very interesting and appealing field which they see many in their social circle and they feel that having a doctor degree would give them plenty of employment opportunities in both academics as well as industry. Often to … Continue reading “Think before you jump into a PhD”


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