Is taking a break from academics before you start your Ph.D. a waste of time?

Results are best when we do a task in one go. The same rule applies to academics as well, generally and according to common sense, at least this is what most people believe. However, there is always a lot that swims against the tide, always and everywhere. You may find a lot of students who desire to take a break between their post graduate degree and their doctoral studies and most of them never seem to regret it. Well, it has some advantages. Let’s look at some:

Explore new avenues: Monotony does kill the scope to know more and find out other things we may like equally or even better. When you stop by to explore what else the world has to offer to you, you may get pleasantly surprised by getting exposed to a new flavor of life you perhaps never knew that existed. Only having done wonderfully in graduation or post graduation academically should never become the sole reason for you to take up higher studies. Sometimes, taking a break and being away from the routine can help you to discover new likes and preferences which could be suppressed all the while under a mundane routine and it might end up becoming a passion for something you never had any clue about prior to trying.

Pick up professional skills: Until you essentially move out in the field, you may never learn skills needed in practical life.When you decide to take a break from academics and work professionally for a bit, you would get a chance to aplly all theories into practice. It would provide you the confidence of earning as well as knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

You get an option to choose if you don’t want to go back: as we grow and learn more about ourselves our likes, dislikes and preferences alter and modify, and we may surprise ourselves by not finding our passion in something we have been thinking all the while. Having another option in hand is always more confidence boosting

So, if you are confused about whether to give in the temptation to take a break before joining a Ph.D., go ahead!! Remember, well thought decisions are the best.

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