Wilcoxon Rank-Sum test : A Non Parametric Alternative to two Sample T-Test

Statistics, a scientific approach to analyzing numerical data, is employed to discover relationships among the phenomena to describe, predict and control their occurrence. Statistics helps the researcher to acquire precise, steadfast and dependable findings. Although there are several statistical tests such as ANOVA, independent t-test, etc. to arrive at the right result, one must choose … Continue reading “Wilcoxon Rank-Sum test : A Non Parametric Alternative to two Sample T-Test”

Difference Between One Way ANOVA And Two Way ANOVA

When talking about research in the field of Science or Social science, whether it is Biology, Business, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, or any other subject, the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is an important statistical tool for analysing the data. The tool is used to compare and analyse the results of laboratories when more than one factor … Continue reading “Difference Between One Way ANOVA And Two Way ANOVA”

A Quick Guide to Hypothesis Testing in Statistics

This article provides a beginner’s guide to master hypothesis testing in statistics. An example is provided to explain how the guide works. Hypothesis testing is an important factor for predictive modelling in the field of statistics. Hypothesis testing consists of the following important concepts: Z-value (Z), a statistical term, which is the measure of the … Continue reading “A Quick Guide to Hypothesis Testing in Statistics”

Pilot Study: All Answers Are Here

These days most of the journals have the online submission system for manuscripts. This has certainly made it easier for the authors to send their papers for the review process. In all good journals, once you have submitted your paper, there is an online tracking system which allows authors to follow the progress of their … Continue reading “Pilot Study: All Answers Are Here”

Editing is inevitable for a Thesis. Why?

Editing remains indispensable for any kind of research document or report. If you are editing is perfect, and immaculate it surely helps you to stay ahead. When a report is edited well, it assists the reader to understand the content, and other information in a simple manner. Once a second set of eyes scan through … Continue reading “Editing is inevitable for a Thesis. Why?”