The skills of a Ph.D. that can help him flourish outside academia too!

If you are pursuing your Ph.D. or have already completed, believe it, the future is all yours. The only way that you may not climb upwards on the ladder of success or growth is that you don’t let yourself do that. Having a Ph.D. gives you the great advantage over other candidates in many of the profiles that may not even belong to the academia.

  1. Ph.D.s are better than others in digging out answers: In any industry that you seek to work for, the employer is looking for a combination of 3 skill set. They being, critical thinking, complex problem solving and correct decision making. A Ph.D. scholar is a researcher who has trained himself, willingly or unwillingly to handle such situations countless number of times while doing Ph.D. While the inexpert lot is finding and struggling for solutions, an experienced researcher knows the place from which quick information can be dug out. Find a way to tell your interviewer that you possess these skills.
  2. Ph.D.s are experienced to learn from failure: A Ph.D. journey teaches you good enough, that no experiment would give results in the first go. Sometimes, even the minutest of answers need to be found by multiple attempts of experiments. The agony of a Ph.D. scholars life which gives him an edge at the employments stage is that he has repeatedly failed, over and over again without much recognition, in words or monetarily. But each failure has brought your closer to your success, and that is how you as a Ph.D. are more equipped to handle failure and challenges of a job.
  3. They can handle nasty Bosses: you have to thank the difficult Ph.D. supervisor here. In the long Ph.D. journey, they grill you good enough to prepare you well to deal with the most challenging of people in the future. It is surely a blessing in disguise as a scholar because when you step out to work, your skill set is equipped enough to allow you to handle almost any kind of challenging and difficult boss, anywhere that you go.
  4. They know that certainty is the most uncertain thing: Ph.D. scholars thrive on uncertainty as no discovery is possible without an element of ambiguity or uncertainty associated with it. Use this at your advantage, because you will be stronger and confident at taking risks as compared to others.

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