Keep self-care as priority in 2016

It is the first quarter of the New Year and many of us began the year with resolutions. It is trend that can be proved by statistics that most of these resolutions are meant to be broken. But now that it is the second month of the year already, you must have made and broken … Continue reading “Keep self-care as priority in 2016”

How to write good and effective topic sentences?

The body of a research dissertation includes a lot of paragraphs whereby each one discussed new topics that add value to the content of the thesis. So every time that you start writing a paragraph, you must have a topic sentence that unifies the content of the paragraph and also makes sure that the paragraph … Continue reading “How to write good and effective topic sentences?”

How to identify knowledge gaps in research

It is not uncommon to find novice researchers confronted by gaps in their knowledge. If you are one novice researcher who knows the technique to locate, identify, define and address these gaps in an efficient manner then your research process can be streamlined and your learning process can be accelerated. I am sure that most … Continue reading “How to identify knowledge gaps in research”

Ways to accelerate manuscript publication?

Research by itself is a slow and sluggish process. It requires meticulous planning, optimization and sometimes even replication of experiments. When you have completed your data analysis and other time consuming task, all that you want to do is to publish it as soon as possible. If your publication process goes through a rapid speed, … Continue reading “Ways to accelerate manuscript publication?”

How to Write up Research Results?

Are you stuck with writing research results? It does is one of the most daunting task of doing a thesis but you can surely simplify it by following certain guidelines and following a step by step process for more productive output. Here you go: Become organised: Before you start writing your dissertation, so that you … Continue reading “How to Write up Research Results?”


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