Is it Possible to Avert Accidental Plagiarism by Students?

Plagiarism, lately has become a very common problem at college level and all students at university level need to be aware and at the same time cautious of it as it can have severe consequences if one isn’t careful or proactive. Often it so happens that researchers or amateur writers indulge in plagiarism out if sheer ignorance and not any deliberate attempt. This may so happen when they aren’t aware of the rules and regulations appropriately. One should not take plagiarism as an unsurmountable challenge, it is possible to overcome or stay away from the concern of plagiarism if novice researchers are careful and cautious of few things while doing research:

For researchers and writers who are at the nascent stage, their work can be compared on the basis of the level or originality that the writer presents. A good writer takes ideas and arguments from existing literature and cites them appropriately weaving their own concept around it where as a poor writer would just simply present an existing concept as his own novel idea.
These few tips can help you to avoid plagiarism for new writers:

  • Do not ever use passages, words, quotations or ideas that already exist and present them as one’s own ideas. It is important to cite every existing idea whether it be written or any other multimedia form.
  • Using the cut and paste method is MS word is very luring and exciting, especially when one is in a rush and wants tom meet a quick deadline. One must never cut and paste the content from any online source but always adopt the method of paraphrasing any idea you intent to use in your research.
  • It isn’t a good idea to duplicate your own work from one document to another as your previous work does not become original for any current work you undertake. Ironical but plagiarism is also applicable on re using your own previous idea without citing them so your become the thief of your own intellectual property.
  • You must undertake group work only in an authorised setting. Often professors do not appreciate researchers work in groups unless it isn’t an assignment. The best kind of learning happens as an individual assignment, so be wary of working on any group assignment in an unauthorized setting.

So be very particular while writing research to never do write any content from another source without adding the citation as little negligence from your side can actually have consequences that would make you repent your act.

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