What It Takes to Make a Good Proposal and Dissertation Title?

The beginning of the proposal should emphasise on the problem statement that will be covered in the thesis and the foundation for it which is the background information that you have gathered and compiled for it. After that the next expected heading is the Literature Review. Remember that the proposal is made for a study … Continue reading “What It Takes to Make a Good Proposal and Dissertation Title?”

Practice and Practice for Outstanding PhD VIVA

Other then all small little things that you have to take care of in your preparation for the VIVA, a lot of practice and practice is required all the time. Your VIVA is primarily concerned with the content of your PhD, but at the same time a lot of questions would be asked to you … Continue reading “Practice and Practice for Outstanding PhD VIVA”

Getting Started on Writing the Uniqueness of Your Doctoral Research

The discussion chapter of your doctoral research is what highlights the novelty of your research and proves the point where your research has bridged the gaps that exist in the literature that is existing. It isn’t easy to interpret the results of your analysis and put them across in a way that they are not … Continue reading “Getting Started on Writing the Uniqueness of Your Doctoral Research”

How to Begin the Discussion Chapter?

A lot of scholars have anxiety about the discussion chapter, so you aren’t alone if you do so. A discussion chapter is largely the space where the researcher tries to examine the findings after having covered up the previous chapters and try to make judgement about the learning from the entire research. When a researcher … Continue reading “How to Begin the Discussion Chapter?”

Has Your PhD Been Eating up a Lot of Your Money?

I have been thinking about “money” for quite some time now. This is quite unlike my usual temperament but I have seen a lot of PhD students struggling for money related issues and the unsympathetic approach of the other member of the academic section of the university. Having understood the plight of many of the … Continue reading “Has Your PhD Been Eating up a Lot of Your Money?”


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