Has Your PhD Been Eating up a Lot of Your Money?

I have been thinking about “money” for quite some time now. This is quite unlike my usual temperament but I have seen a lot of PhD students struggling for money related issues and the unsympathetic approach of the other member of the academic section of the university. Having understood the plight of many of the … Continue reading “Has Your PhD Been Eating up a Lot of Your Money?”

Are You Looking for Funding to Do Your Research?

Researchers look for, rather crave grants for their research. A lot of advice is available from people for ways of writing research proposals so as to get the grant approved. Here is a list of certain suggestions that may help to add that weight in your proposal that it becomes worthy of getting considered for … Continue reading “Are You Looking for Funding to Do Your Research?”

Doing a PhD Is One of the Ways Towards Self-Discovery

PhD is a synonym to thinking. Regardless to whatever your specialisation of PhD be you are expected to do a lot of thinking. It isn’t just about your subject or your topic, to be begin with you got to also think about time allocation, thinking about what you are reading so as to give it … Continue reading “Doing a PhD Is One of the Ways Towards Self-Discovery”

Have You Thought About Travelling During You PhD?

Are you thinking of taking up travel assignments during your doctoral research? It could be of the likes of visiting a research group abroad for a few days, weeks or maybe even months. I think it is a superb idea!! It would not only make your PhD worthy but also open newer avenues for your … Continue reading “Have You Thought About Travelling During You PhD?”

Handling Feedback for Your Research Paper Effectively

Firstly, give a direct and composed response: It is not wise to respond to the reviewer feedback ASAP. Buy time and think over the best response after taking the advice and opinions of the experts so that what you write back is matching well with expectations of the reviewer now. Remember, you have to incorporate … Continue reading “Handling Feedback for Your Research Paper Effectively”


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