Do We Have Someone Like a Dynamic Writer?

Scholars before venturing into their PhD programme get a lot of warning and guidance about brushing up their statistical knowledge. Research knowledge is something that scholars think is the only thing that would be required from them to sail through the PhD journey. But still things don’t seem to be working fine for most of the scholars. There is something that is needed to get desired results and that is to be a dynamic and productive writer and not just a great researcher. This would ensure that you don’t struggle with consistency in your writing attempts. What is it that you can do to get those dynamic writing skills in your tasks? Well!! Nothing special and out of the box is needed. Some commonly predictable traits such as discipline, consistency and meticulous planning are easy to guess and can be worked around if one has a high level of perseverance. There are some modifications that you need to make in your day to day life and writing pattern that could surprise you with productivity in writing that you could imagine before:

1. Set for yourself short term plans: A researcher isn’t any less than an organisation in himself. He has to function as a moving organisation that has for itself set objectives which are obtainable, realistic and clear so that to achieve those objectives he can have designated tasks. Note here that if your objectives are way too long term, you would find yourself getting lost somewhere midway. Getting a doctoral degree is a long term objective which would be a compilation of many short term objectives. Do not over stretch yourself and be fair and realistic here and see that how the short term challenges can greatly influence the way you plan your writing and depict productivity in it.

2. Do not surrender in front of circumstances: Are you one of those who feels that circumstances control the way you function? If yes, I need to tell you that it isn’t the way you can be achieving what you have set out to. Circumstances are more often than not uncontrollable but the way you react to them is purely your own decision and largely responsible for the outcome that you get out of them. You can do this by modifying the way you give time to your writing so that you can minimise the impact it has on the consistency of your work.

Become a meticulous planner and plan your writing in a way that you would plan any other important task and see yourself and see the results coming out.

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