How to Become a More Effective Writer

Writing is a skill that we all learn through practice, not all are born to become writers but PhD scholars have not much choice but to be good at writing. But the good news is that it isn’t very difficult to be a good writer. There are some areas on which you would have to necessarily focus so that your writing depicts what you intend to.

Realise and console yourself that you aren’t the only person who is struggling with finding enough time or motivation for writing. Almost everyone sails in the same boat and that is very reassuring. The way to deal with it is give yourself an appointment with writing and make sure it isn’t an easy one to cancel.

Know that when you sit to write, you got to be writing only. You will be amazed that a lot of work gets done when you know that while you are sitting to write, that is the only thing you are doing. You work average would improve significantly and you would see great productivity coming out of your dedicated and consistent efforts.

Become a spectator of other dedicated writers. You will see that it works wonders. Seeing other people do creative work brings out your own creative juices flowing. Joining a writing group for this can also be a great and a very useful idea. You would compulsively be involved in creative writing just for the reason that you don’t get or feel left out.

Have for yourself fixed writing session. Structuring your work around writing sessions can help to enrich the productivity of your work.

Join a writing group that gives you a mixed excitement. Where you not just look forward to writing initiatives and motivation but also discussions, blogging and sometimes even celebration is important.

It is ok to ask for advice and sharing ideas and tips. Become more open to this as it is one of the greatest means of learning new ideas, concepts and techniques of writing.

Organise for yourself those hide and write sessions. It will take you some time but you would soon and surely start enjoying the “me” time and the kind of productive output it gives you. Don’t forget to reward yourself for the small accomplishments you get in the journey.

Eventually, remember that it is your own journey and it doesn’t need to be compared to anybody. Your success is a measure of your growth from your starting point. Keeping that in mind, move forward and see yourself getting better and a more seasoned writer.

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