Is Your Dissertation Methodology Your Most Difficult Chapter? Here Is How to Make It Easy!!

Are you looking for a way to simplify your methodology chapter and don’t know how to do it? I am sure looking at these tips you could get cues on how to deal better with the most difficult chapter of your thesis:

Problem: The base of the methodology chapter is derived from the previous chapter focussing on the Literature Review. Hence, at the onset, to regain focus, it is important that you di a quick recap of the research question of your dissertation. Have a very clear and precise definition of the problem that you are wanting to address through your research.

Approach: Next you need to have the approach in place for taking up the primary research. Not only would this help you but the reader also would be able to simplify the understanding by being able to contextualise the methodology. The approach should target to clear all ambiguity in the mind of the researcher, in terms of rationale, justification, sampling etc. so that both you as well as the reader has no confusions whatsoever about the methodology section of the chapter.

Description of technicalities: A good research opens up to the challenge of the research community to take up the same research and reproduce the results. A confident and authentic research would have all technicalities explained in detail to help those who wished to work on reproducing the same results.

Validation: It is necessary to give sound reasoning for choosing the methods that you have adopted to take up the research. More so if the methodology that you have chosen is novel or unique from the previous research that has been conducted in your area. In that case at every stage there should be a valid and strong justification for the methodology adopted by you. Also deal with all concerns linked to the reliability and validity of your research. Be particular about giving importance to small but important issues such as accuracy, precision, Scope of error, statistical significance etc. They add a lot of weight to your research.

Sampling technique adopted: Even I you have brought up sampling under validity and reliability issue, it is important enough to be given special attention. The sample size has aggregate role in defining the statistical significance of your results.

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