How much time does dissertation data analysis actually take?

During the entire process of research the data needs to be collected and analysed in order to get accurate results and findings. During the process of data analysis, the data collected is processed, so that the researcher can get result for carious questions. The main goal of dissertation data analysis is to develop a base … Continue reading “How much time does dissertation data analysis actually take?”

An insight into Data Analysis using E-Views

With the growing urge for undertaking data analysis task using the best statistical tools, it has become very important for a research student to choose the best statistician who can guide him/her for the usage of the right kind of data analysis tool. Amongst the best statistical tools, E-Views has emerged as one of the … Continue reading “An insight into Data Analysis using E-Views”

Format of the data analysis chapter

Whoever said that you do not need to follow a structure or format for the data analysis section is fooling you. There are strict guidelines for writing the data analysis chapter of the dissertation as there are for other chapters. There is an introduction, a body copy, a conclusion and appendix. Moreover, there is a … Continue reading “Format of the data analysis chapter”