How to improve at data analysis

Data analysis is the foundation of any research paper, dissertation or thesis. It formulates the base around which the thesis is created and therefore, it has to be strong otherwise the entire research can be non-valid. The results of data analysis have to be error-free if you want to get the right results and prove … Continue reading “How to improve at data analysis”

Is it wise to get external help for data analysis?

Data analysis is the foundation of your research. If you go wrong with collecting data and analysing it, you can end up missing the target in your dissertation. Statistics is a tough subject for those who come from a different background. If you have never worked on the software before, you might find it overwhelming … Continue reading “Is it wise to get external help for data analysis?”

The value of a sample data analysis

Many firms that offer statistical help often allow the students to download a sample data analysis. This gives the student a good idea on what type of work the statisticians at the company have done. In most cases, the students simply have to give their name, phone number and their e-mail id to the company, … Continue reading “The value of a sample data analysis”

Role of statistics in Research Data Analysis

Data analysis plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance of the research paper writing process. It is important for you to choose the right kind of dissertation statistical data analysis tools which can ensure the 100% result-oriented analysis of all the data that has been collected so as to be included within the research … Continue reading “Role of statistics in Research Data Analysis”

How is data analysis done using E-Views?

E-Views is a statistical software package that is used by a number of researchers, government officials, corporations and students. The students use this tool to access a number of statistical and modeling tools by suing an easy to use and innovative interface. E-Views are designed with the help of the best and latest software technology … Continue reading “How is data analysis done using E-Views?”