How to improve at data analysis

Data analysis is the foundation of any research paper, dissertation or thesis. It formulates the base around which the thesis is created and therefore, it has to be strong otherwise the entire research can be non-valid. The results of data analysis have to be error-free if you want to get the right results and prove your hypothesis right or wrong. Even a small mistake in the data analysis can ensure that your entire research is wrong, thus making it difficult for you to get your degree.


Many students who do not come from a statistical background find it even more difficult to face the challenges of data analysis. The data collected is quite large sometimes and therefore, it overwhelms the students and they tend to make even more mistakes than they normally would. Plus, the software that students are expected to use for data analysis is quite rigorous and difficult to comprehend in a short span of time. So students who have never used these software before find themselves completely lost and depressed since they are unable to analyse their data with the speed that is expected at the college or university.

Tips to improve your knowledge and skills in data analysis:

Practice is the key to perfection: In statistics, the more you practice, the better you will get at it. Keep practicing data analysis with dummy data or raw data to help you gauge the software and understand the challenges you face.

Read and research: With the age of the internet, it is extremely easy to find tutorials and videos that will help you understand various tests and their uses.

Double-check each test: When working on your thesis data analysis, you must be completely sure about the analysis that you have conducted. Check all the test twice and ensure that you have not made any silly mistake.

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