A quick peek into Descriptive Statistics

After data collection, it is the data analysis task which needs to be undertaken in a brilliant manner. It is this task which decides the actual worth of a dissertation. By gathering timely assistance offered by a trained statistician, one can easily undertake the task of data analysis in a highly professional and effective manner.

Descriptive analysis is the process of analyzing data that helps in describing, representing and summarizing data in a meaningful manner. This process allows you to make conclusions beyond the data that has been analyzed. To put it more simply, descriptive analysis allows you to present the collected data in a much more meaningful manner so as to facilitate simpler interpretation of data. You may describe the central position of a frequency distribution for a group of data collected as per the research topic. You can easily describe this central position using a number of statistics, including the mode, median and mean. By using the descriptive statistics method, you can easily summarize large groups of data using a combination of tabulated description (i.e. tables), graphical description (i.e. graphs and charts) and statistical commentary (i.e. a detailed discussion of the results).

A very interesting video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UXw-LlML-g which will provide you a quick guide on descriptive statistics. Hope this post of mine would have surely assisted you in gathering good amount of information on descriptive analysis of data.

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