Are the Days for a Two Phase Research Over? Is It Time for Integrate Research Now?

Can we combine Quantitative and Qualitative Research even till date? We cannot say that with certainty, but can surely say that it has become more and more unnecessary. In most of the researches that are both qualitative and quantitative in nature, they work in two phases as the time required becomes double to conduct both the researches. In the current times, why has it become unnecessary? This is so because; the qualitative tools available in today’s time make such requirements redundant.

There are a lot of digital tools available in today’s times that easily integrate the advantages of both qualitative and quantitative research in a very beneficial way. Some of the main advantages these days are:

1. Lesser cost: The digital survey option can take up a double job of being a recruiting screener.
2. Faster: In the earlier times, in a two phase research there was a lot of time wasted in what we call as transition from one phase to another, in this time it is not required as the qualitative design doesn’t take any longer than a survey.
3. Better insights: When the digital tools are able to simultaneously give a qualitative perspective to a quantitative survey, it gives the advantage of a much deeper quantitative insight and identifies the qualitative contributors in research as well.

In today’s time, technology has enabled to link to any survey platform. The selection and screening of the respondents becomes possible and it is possible to experience the qualitative perspective of it either during the survey or at the end. The respondents who have been chosen can participate in any of the qualitative experiences. The most easily visible ones are,: Webcam, interviews, mobile interviews etc. So we can say that the quant qual integration trend is seen picking up at a rapid pace. Do not get left behind.

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