Common Mistakes in Data Analysis and how to avoid them

Data analysis may seem like a tough job but it has to be accomplished to perfection if you want to submit your PhD dissertation and get your degree. By conducting the right data analysis, you are much closer to getting the correct results and this will help you get better grades in your PhD Dissertation. However, data analysis can be a challenging task and if not executed with proper planning, it can result in many mistakes, leaving your research non-conclusive.

Some of the common mistakes in data analysis include:

  • Not having a defined goal for the study and conducting the study in a biased manner
  • Using an unsystematic approach and conducting an analysis without basically understanding the problem
  • Using the wrong evaluation technique
  • Ignoring significant factors that can change the results
  • Not paying attention to the errors that might occur while data inputs
  • Conducting an extremely complex analysis
  • Not presenting the results in a proper way
  • Omitting limitations that are a crucial part of the study

In order to avoid these mistakes, you must create a checklist for yourself and read it thoroughly and follow it religiously before you start your data analysis:

  • Have you clearly stated the goals of your study?
  • Have you maintained an unbiased perspective towards your study?
  • Have you followed all the steps of the research systematically without skipping any step?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of the problem at hand before you begin the analysis?
  • Have the chosen the best possible evaluation technique for your analysis?
  • Is your analysis correct statistically?
  • If you have made any errors in input, will it cause a drastic change in the results?
  • Have you explained the results graphically as much as possible? It is easy for the reader to understand your analysis?
  • Have you documented the limitations of the study clearly

Data analysis can be a challenging task and therefore, a step by step clearly defined process will help you to avoid any errors and provide better results.


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