Effortless Writing Is Blissful Writing: Make It Your Way in Your PhD

The more effortless the writing, better the outcome. There are ways in which you can train yourself to become a less stressed writer and make effortless writing your way of working.

1. Dilute the pressure: A lot of veteran writers have been for ages have recommended sitting in front of the computer from morning 9 to 5. The entire concept is to take writing as a forced profession to release out the creativity within. This practice does bring out high quantity of words but when one talks of high quality, on the contrary, you need to do the opposite. Lower your targets and dilute your pressure. Give yourself smaller targets and feel satisfied. Once you gain control over your work, it completely shifts your mood and helps to concentrate on writing better, though lesser.
2. Bring out the relevant only: before you pen down any content, verify from your self its need and relevance with the topic. Become a person whose focus is more on quality and not on quantity. Polish your concepts before you add them to your content.
3. Build up your will power: Writing regularly and consistently needs a good amount of will power. The world is full of distractions and urges to procrastinate the work. Self-discipline is required to bring in consistency in your work. A person who is in control of his circumstances is the one who is in control of his work.

Walk away from procrastination with these simple steps:

• List down your daily tasks, prioritize and cling to the important tasks. S carefully planned task is simpler and easier to accomplish.
• There cannot be a generalised “right” time to write, but surely there can be better times to write. Find out the time that is conducive for you to being free from distractions. Most of the writers find the peace and solace at night to be the best time to write. It may not suit to you. Find out for yourself.
• Distinguish the writing time from leisure time. If you do not keep away your leisure time spate, you would end up blaming your writing for making your life stressful, mundane, monotonous and what not. It isn’t writing’s fault. You need to plan better and set aside your leisure time so it does not clash with your writing time.

There are certain aspects of writing that are still untouched. We have not still touched those aspects of writing that are more definite but surely it opens up the door to some practical ideas that can help you to become a comfortable and happy writer. Put into it your own creativity and absorb these suggestions and get soaked in the benefits of being an effortless writer.

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