General tips for writing a good conclusion

A lot of scholars think that a conclusion is nothing but just a summary of the key points or the restatement of the thesis. This may not be the only objective of writing a conclusion. The main objective is to remind the reader that the evidence you have presented has contributed to the thesis. Conclusion isn’t written without critical thinking as it should present the significance of what you have written and also clearly put across some conclusive thoughts on the larger implications of your argument.

The length of your c conclusion can be determined from the length of your essay. It can range from anything between one paragraphs to two or three paragraphs.

Being able to write an interesting and effective conclusion may require you to take care of few things particularly. If you also want to look at the conclusion as something that is beyond just mere summarization of the key points, here are few things you should take care of:

1.If the topic you have covered is emphasizing on current and contemporary problems, you must conclude by sending cautious signals to readers about the problem and its effects.
2.Give focused course of action for taking care of the problem
3.It is advisable to add an expert opinion or a powerful and applicable quote to the conclusion as it increases its weight
4.If you have the scope to accommodate personal references, include them with your own interpretation and personalised view
5.Link it up with the introduction and the statements you have mentioned here
6.Brief about any further possibility or scope for research and what avenues are available.

The field of your study does have an impact on the introduction and conclusion that you put up. Usually there is more scope to play around with the beginning or the end if you are working in the field of social sciences where exploratory and argumentative content can be incorporated. In some of the genres of academic writing where a lot of factual information is to be out across sand no scope of arguments is there conclusions may not be needed at all. You must know the specifications associated with your area of study so that you can plan around hat kind of an ending you should give to your academic document. Remember how apt and well-connected your ending is a clear reflection of your understanding and involvement in your topic

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