How to write good and effective topic sentences?

The body of a research dissertation includes a lot of paragraphs whereby each one discussed new topics that add value to the content of the thesis. So every time that you start writing a paragraph, you must have a topic sentence that unifies the content of the paragraph and also makes sure that the paragraph has discussed the topic coherently.
Know that a topic sentence is a single sentence and it unifies that states a single idea or topic in the paragraph. It must always be the face of the paragraph, as in the first sentence of each paragraph so that the reader gets an idea about the theme of the paragraph and the way it will be discussed in the paragraph. In addition, it also helps the reader to prove the thesis statement and specify the order of the paragraph content. The reader with the development from each thesis statement is able to understand the smooth flow of the thesis with a consistent flow. If the thesis statements don’t establish the connectivity between the paragraphs, it appears as illogical or sudden shifts.
Once the topic sentence has been presented the writer can give the background information followed by the in depth discussion on the facts, arguments and analysis. The final leg of the paragraph should be the wrap up connection between the discussion in the paragraphs, the topic sentences and the main analysis so that the gist of the information does not get diluted somewhere in the middle and stays within the readers mind. The writer must have the tact to transition smoothly from one topic to the next so that the reader can clearly understand why a new topic is being discussed. Some connecting words can be used in the topic sentence to establish the connectivity in the paragraphs and make the reader believe that he is reading a document that is transiting him to a better level of understanding holistically.
A seasoned writer is the one who knows how to correctly and effectively use topic sentences so that he does justice to the document and the content of the document and facilitates the comprehension of the reader. For those who fail to use these topic sentences, particularly in lengthy documents often cause the reader to lose grip of reading somewhere through the journey because they feel lost and unconnected in the journey.

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