Keep self-care as priority in 2016

It is the first quarter of the New Year and many of us began the year with resolutions. It is trend that can be proved by statistics that most of these resolutions are meant to be broken. But now that it is the second month of the year already, you must have made and broken many a resolutions by now and like every year, perhaps given up on making new ones. But there is this one promise you can make for yourself, even if you feel it is too late, you won’t find it difficult to keep up to it. It is to make 2016 a year of self-care.
For a long time now, I feel I have never had a break that has been away from the grind. It sometimes gets very overwhelming to feel sailing amongst deadlines of projects and assignments to be completed, leave along family and other professional and social obligations.

Irrespective of what my schedule and routine is, I have decided that in this year I am going to resolute to care for myself, other than caring for others things.
I have devised for myself, my own perception of self-care and the definition may have subjectivity for each one as for each one the priorities for self can be different. For me self-care is coming back to my place early and alone and sit back with a cup of coffee and my favourite book. Treating myself to my favourite coffee in my favourite company is also self-care.

Making time for ourselves for the small little things we need to be doing to ensure that we stay happy and healthy not just physically but also emotionally and psychologically is perhaps the most practical and applicable definition of self-care in today’s time. And these small little minuscule efforts among the other herculean tasks can go a long way in restoring the fun and positivity in your life.
I suggest and insist that in this New Year, you find both big and small ways to take care of yourself and yourself only without any other interest involved. This can and has to be done among all other chaos that exists in your life and will continue to exist simultaneously.

So, do you think to have self-care in your agenda for the week? What are your goals and themes related to that? It will be good to know all the diversity in preferences here!

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