The Need of SPSS for a Successful Dissertation

Most candidates of US who are in the process of completing a dissertation or master’s thesis presently or in future have a common question to ask that is whether it is necessary to learn SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) for the preparation of a successful dissertation project. At some point of time it is necessary to know SPSS for the benefit of your project work. So many graduate and doctoral programs focused mainly on research related work exposes their students to the need for learning SPSS and its proper application in the dissertation process. The SPSS statistics software has an important application in the dissertation work and researchers use it to perform statistical analysis of their research work. The software can import any form of dissertation data for analysis purpose, to generate charts, tabulated data and descriptive statistics as well.

Learning the use of SPSS
There are various consulting firms and companies which helps you to learn SPSS so that you can benefit from it in your dissertations. Although apparently it might seem quite easy to use the features of this software but gradually you will realize the need for an expert guidance to operate the software properly. There are various steps which each candidate must learn to successfully avail the benefits of the SPSS statistical package. The first thing is to learn the method of entering dissertation data in SPSS, the next step being the process of entering and labeling dissertation variables in SPSS. The final stage is the way you should read the dissertation statistical analyses prepared in SPSS. All these take a considerable amount of time and every candidate must learn it in depth to smoothly glide through the process of dissertation work. Each and every step and the sub steps within them are equally important to carry out dissertations in SPSS. There are also various online consultation services which provide the facility of teaching SPSS where candidates all over the world can have the privilege of learning this easy-to-use statistical package.

Benefits of outsourcing such task
Many US doctoral candidates have a dilemma in their mind whether to learn the mechanism of SPSS or outsource such task to a consulting firm. Though some people may be of the opinion that learning to use SPSS should be beneficial as it is only the individual who knows best how to present their work but from a practical viewpoint it is both safe and convenient to outsource the task of SPSS to a consulting firm. There are several reasons for this; firstly you won’t need to spend your valuable time learning SPSS for your research work and fully concentrate on the dissertation you are preparing. Moreover you can avail the services of expert professionals to carry out the SPSS task for you and make your dissertation more presentable and acceptable. So it should be sensible to outsource such task to companies like Statistics Consultation rather than spending 500 hours in learning and mastering such a software which would be of no use after you finish your research work.

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