Which statistical testing tool is best for novice researchers?

The novice researchers can be sometimes overwhelmed by the research methods that are employed during the entire process. It is essential for the novice researcher to have a firm grip of the methods, results and conclusions. There is a growth in the number of research methods used and it is very important for the researcher to use some testing tool to analyse the data and interpret results. Novice researchers will definitely have a place to start their research work. If we have a look at the best statistical tool that is used in research, we will find three tools namely – Mothra, ATAC and Asset. Novice researcher can also take the help of a Statistics Consultation firm that provides various kinds of dissertation services the customers.

SPSS  – SPSS is an important and one of the best tools for statistical analysis. Dissertations and research papers often need this tool for completing their research work. Dissertation statistics help is provided to the novice researchers by SPSS tool in the course of their research work. One can be sure that the results, findings and conclusions are accurate as they are using the latest tool for data analysis. Nowadays, SPSS is gaining lot of importance as it is flexible and easy to use. There are a number of dissertation statistics firms that guide the researchers through the entire process of using SPSS in research. SAS analysis is one of the important forms of analysis that helps the users to perform various tasks like – data management, report writing, application development, quality improvement, statistical analysis and mathematical analysis.

Mothra – This statistical testing tool is used in different kinds of research projects and is used to examine the effectiveness of various testing methods. In short, it is a mutation testing tool that is based on program specification. This statistical testing tool evaluates the adequacy of the data used in research. It also tests the ability to differentiate the program under different conditions and mutants. This statistical package comprises of a number of tools that are implemented in a separate and individual function of the testing system.

ATAC –  This statistical testing tool is used to test the data flow during the entire process of research. This tool is used in projects, which needs to be examined relatively. This statistical tool measures how keenly the data flow is tested and identifies the areas that are not tested properly. In this way, it helps the researchers to test the data flow throughout their research.

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