Write an Abstract in 30 Minutes. Interesting, Is It?

You have finally zeroed on a conference you wish to attend. You have your document ready with you and you are confident that in no time your abstract would be there on you r word document. To become more confident you have googled and grabbed ideas on writing effective abstracts. Now with a bland word doc opened in front of you, you gotto do it. Within a few hours you have only managed to play around with few words and think of some appropriate titles but zeroed on none. Cups o caffeine have also not done the trick and tickled your brain to bring out an appealing paragraph which we call abstract.

I have the trick and you would be able to write an abstract in 30 minutes. First and fore mostly your abstract should contain some sections necessarily. They are:

Motivation for research: the reason because of which we give so much importance to the research and care for the results.

Problem statement: what are the main problems for which you are trying to seek result?

Approach: the technique you followed in order to work around the problem and move forward. Specify on the tools and techniques and the kind of research done.

Output: What were the results of the research?

Conclusion: the main implications of your research and how would it change the world or bridge the existing gaps that have been identified in the prevailing studies.

Whenever you sit for writing an abstract, write these questions into the word document and keep giving answers to them one by one. At the first stage, do not focus upon grammatical and typographical areas as firstly you need to have the idea in place.. for each answer keep removing the questions one by one and start manipulating the content into a more structured text and add flow into the content from the motivation to the results and conclusion. Trust my words that it would become a cake walk. Do share if you have another way in which an impressive abstract can be written?

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