You Need to Prepare Your Mind before Starting Your PhD. Here Is How!

Apart from the technical preparation before you venture into a PhD programme, is the psychological preparation. If you have all the technical requirements in place but lack the right attitude it may not help much and you could be in a soup. Think about it that you can find most of the solutions to your technical problems in books but for lack of inclination, attitude and perseverance, you wouldn’t be able to do much good. We could discuss few important tips here that would put you in the right frame of mind for thesis writing.

Get systematic: It so happens when doing doctoral research that one may get occupied in doing the individual tasks that are part of the journey that you may lose your vision for which you actually got into the journey. Getting organised and having a plan of action ready before starting is very important so that you stick to what you have started to do and not get lost in the way. The first thing for this is to write down your ultimate goal with a given time frame that you have and that write the smaller goals that will take you towards this ultimate goal of yours. Remember to arrange them in chronological order so that each task you accomplish should pave the path for the accomplishment of the next one. If you have done this exercise in a rigorous manner, you would have a very clear blueprint of your goal with you were by having your thesis ready would be broken down into smaller and achievable goals without actually feeling overwhelmed.

Making it a habit: Get disciplined and there is no alternate to it. If you done have a disciplined schedule to follow, you would not be able to see a consistent progress in your task. You got to treat it as a regular full time job and then only would you be able to get some output from it. When you have a schedule in place and you stick to it, you would soon acquire a thesis writing habit which would become an indispensable activity of your through the day. It would also ensure that on day to day basis you don’t wrestle with the confusion or uncertainty in your mind that whether you got to work today or no.

Thus by being systematic and disciplined in your routine, you would feel optimistic and focused towards your work and seeing yourself have gradual but steady progress in your job would keep your spirits and motivation higher.

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